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Wedding Planner

Italian Destination Wedding Planner

Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia
"Wherever you will be oh Gaio, I will be there"

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is a Turin based agency specialized in Wedding Planning and Bridal Styling that supports the client in the complete organization of the Luxury Destination Wedding in Italy.
Our consulting service concerns everything that rotates around The Big Day.

Entrust a qualified Destination Wedding Planner to organize your Wedding is a convenient and wise idea:

  • You will save time and energy thanks to a punctual planning of the meeting agenda with suppliers
  • The Wedding Planner will structure a precise budget scheme for you according to the sum of money you are willing to invest in your Marriage
  • The Event Manager will also suggest several solutions according to different price levels
  • Furthermore the Wedding Agency has a high bargaining power thanks to the trustful and engaging relationships established with partners and suppliers that guarantee discounts: this way you will save money as well!
  • You will have the stunning event you’ve always dreamed about without burdens and tensions, with exceptional quality and precise organization.


360° Wedding Planning Service for your Luxury Wedding

Our Wedding Planning Service follows the complete organization of the event: starting with the concept definition, ending with the coordination and supervision on the Big Day, we deal with every single aspect that concerns the Big Day.

Partial Wedding Planning Service regarding just one or more of our services

Couples may also rely on our help for what concerns only a part of the organization of their Special Event, or even ask for our advice just on one aspect of the whole Wedding as well.
We are willing to invite you to visit us at our Studio to get to know each other and star collaborating profitably.
A visit to our Studio can boost new and creative ideas and refined solutions for your magic events!



The first step we need to plan in the Wedding organization is where we want the event to take place.
There are so many stunning venues among which we may pic: vintage venues, ancient mansions, regal residences, incredible castles, green spaces, luxury hotels & Spa and tons of other solutions!
The most important thing is the feeling: when you find the venue that suits you the best, the feeling must be “Yes! This is the only one place where I’d love to get married!”
A magic place where your dreams become reality.

Catering / Banqueting

The difference between this two voices lays in the collateral elements the two vendors provide. If the first one simply provides the food coking and the necessary staff, banqueting provides a complete food experience, providing table dressing and arrangements as well.
Food experience today is inspired to the new design trends, and the culinary experience today is basically linked to food art.
Food art is the fusion between art and taste.

Cake Design and Italian Traditional White Label

Do you know where the Wedding Cake tradition starts? The tradition finds its roots in the Ancient Rome, where the costume was to give the bride a special sweet, filled in with honey and delicious creams, as a wish of future fertility. This is where the tradition of the Wedding Cake arises!
Today, this precise element, is becoming more and more crucial, not only for what regards the taste, but also for how the cake looks like.
Cake Design is a service, among food and sculpture, that is becoming always more frequent in Italian Wedding Tradition.
Deliciousness and sweetness for both, eyes and taste.

Weeding Invitation Cards

The invitation is the way you let people know about the Wedding: these should follow the leading theme chose for the whole wedding.
I nice idea could be linking to the invitation card a clear map showing a quick path to the wedding venue.
The wedding invitations should clearly comunicate the leading theme of the event and the dress code as well.
Tangible element encasing the leading theme of the event.

Photographer And Video Making

The Wedding shooting is the key element that will help the memory of such and important moment last forever. The photo book is the material and tangible transposition of the filings and emotions linked to this romantic memento.
Photography is the art of keeping for ever a live a special memento.

Wedding Favors And Gifts

Wedding favors are the special gifts the couple prepares for the guests. This Italian tradition suggest giving one gift per family; wedding favors, instead, are smaller gifts, enclosing a reduced value compared to the traditional wedding gift and they must be given one to each guest of the event.
A tiny little present enclosing such an important meaning of love.


Bridal Styling And Wedding Dress Research

Choosing the wedding gown is probably one of the most emotional moments in a women’s life!
Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper is here to hep you in this touching moment.
Feeling and magic merge together while choosing the wedding dress.


Beauty Consulting: Make Up And Hairstyle

On the Big Day the bride will have all the eyes on her: she must me glowy, shimmering and stunning!
This is where professional hands will make the difference. Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper is here to suggest the best make up artist for your Big Day, according to your budget and needs.
A lovely make up NO – make up will be the best choice for a fancy young bride.



Choosing the right music track to mark the different moments during the Wedding Day is an important step.
According to your music tastes and to the wedding tone, we will suggest you the best solutions.
Classical music for the religious ceremony, following an ambient, jazz or lounge soundtrack for the rest of the party, is exactly what we would suggest for your special event.
Music is that dreamlike element that keeps the moment suspended in between dream and


Floreal Arrangements

Flowers are that crucial key element that make a wedding a gorgeous and stunning event.
Flowers should be chosen depending on the period of the year, depending on the tone and on the leading theme of the event and on the bride’s wants.
Be careful to the bouquet thought! The flowers chosen for this lovely composition must not stain!
Flower arrangements help recreating a wonderful and stunning scenography.


Wedding Bands

Wedding rings find there tradition in Ancient Egypt. During this era, Egyptians found out there’s a blood vain that links the ring finger directly to the heart. The ring shape is due to the meaning of the round shape as symbol of eternity, without beginning nor end.
During the Roman Age, people started wearing wedding band as symbol of marriage between a man and a woman.
Wedding bands should resist to fashion trends and usury in order to last across times.


Transportation & Wedding Car

To feel like a real princess, the wedding car cannot miss.
The bride must get down from a sumptuous vintage car like a real princess in her lovely dream.
The vintage car is the detail that makes the difference.


Entertainment For Adults

Do you want me to whisper the secret ingredient that makes the party a real success? The harmony and the joyful moments that link the guests together on such and important day!
Harmony is the special ingredient that will make the event a true success!

Entertainment For Kids

In order to let adults enjoy the party and have a good time, is important to have a good baby sitting service that will keep kids together, make them laugh, play and have fun!
Kids must have fun and play freely together.

Dog Sitter

Sharing such a touching moment with our loved pets is a plus that cannot miss in a real romantic wedding!
Our loved pets will manifest their love as well.

Coordination On The Wedding Day

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is willing to help you with the coordination of the wedding on the Wedding Day as well. With this service, you will have the wedding planner through out the hole event: success and punctual organization are going to be guaranteed!
The bride must feel relaxed on her Big Day; the wedding planner will think of all the detail and she will simply enjoy her special moment.

Style Coach & Personal Shopper

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper will guide you through Turin’s most refined fashion ateliers to find your perfect outfits made in Italy.
Fashion passes by, style instead remains for ever Coco Chanel.