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Style Coach & Personal Shopper

Italian Destination Wedding Planner Personal Shopper

Silvia Belli Wedding & Events offre, all’interno di questa realtà, un servizio mirato di consulenza d’immagine.

Our Studio offers you the knowhow and the refined luxury & fashion skills of our Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper, given her experience as Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist in Milan.

Style Coaching and Image Consulting is no more restrained to celebrities, actors and music stars that appear on TV. The concern regarding Personal Image is gaining considerable importance in the everyday life of each of us, and so does Image Consulting.

Image Consulting is an abstract and hedonic science that can help you to achieve a self confident deportment, self confident and persuading manners and a handsome and harmonious look.

Our Image Consulting Service is actually our discriminator, our point of difference and Proposal of Uniqueness.

I nostri Servizi

What to wear and when

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper is ready to help you the research of the best look, that suits you better, for your special occasion.
This service consists in helping the client in finding the one dress or outfit for a specific occasion.
In order to find the best outfit for this specific occasion we will take into consideration the following elements:
• The specific occasion
• The leading concept / mood or theme of the event
• The time and place where the event will take place
• The target (what kind of people will be there as well
• The personal figure
• Personality
Following a first and completely free meeting, Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner and Personal Shopper will examine all the above elements and will lead you through the magic world of fashion and style in the research of the perfect outfit for your special event.

Are you looking to renew your own personal style?

Well, if you are willing to define your unique and original style, your are checking the right website!
Through our Image Restyling Program we will crown the inner path you did that lead you to decide to change something in the way you look.
Apparel, such as make up, is a means of communication and is a way people communicate and reflect there inner feelings.
Taking care of the way you look will reflect a much more self confident image, and this is compulsory for both, personal and working life.
With our Image Restyling Program we will help you to define your own unique and original personal style!