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Bridal Styling

Italian Destination Wedding Planner

The Bride

You’ve always dreamed about a stunning fairytale Wedding? You will have it! You will be the princess and we will make your dreams come true.
The wedding gown is the driving force of the whole story; every element, concerning the Big Day, is somehow related to the wedding dress.
Moreover, choosing the wedding dress is probably one of the most important and touching moments in every bride’s life!
The wedding dress must be the one you’ve always wanted and dreamed about.
Tradition narrates that is the dress to choose the bride! The feeling that links the bride to her dress is something special, irrational like love at first sight!


“Whoever loved that loved not at first sight”
Christopher Marlowe


Our Studio offers you the knowhow and the refined luxury & fashion skills of our Style Coach, given her matured experience as Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist in Milan.
Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is willing to help you in this enchanting moment
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The Groom

The bride is going to be the focal point of the whole event, but the groom needs to keep up as well opting for a handsome tailor made suite. Weather to choose a formal or informal suite depends on the concept and tone of the Wedding and on the groom’s tastes, style and personality as well.
According to Bon Ton, however, there are some strict rules that must be taken into consideration while choosing the groom’s suit.

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is more than willing to share with you all these special tips! .

The mothers

The mothers don’t have strict models to get inspired to.
The general rule is that they shouldn’t wear nothing extremely extravagant and shimmering on the Wedding Day. A formal ceremony dress is recommended, however following Italian Fashion, there are many solutions to look gorgeous on such and important day!

Visit us at our studio and rely on the precious advice of our Italian Destination Wedding Planner

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Braidsmaid and Pageboy

While in the English speaking countries bridesmaids are usually the bride’s sisters or innermost friends, in the Italian culture, they can be either nephews, cousins or sons and daughters of intimate friends, provided them to be always an even number, between the age of 4 and 8 years
Bridesmaids and pageboys will help the bride on the Wedding day and on the day before as well.
On the Wedding day they will open the wedding cortege, always in pairs. The flower girl (a special maid of honor) closes the cortege scattering petals on the floor, just before the entrance of the bride.
The bride has a fundamental role in the choice of the bridesmaids’ dresses and pageboys’ suits, and tradition wants her family to pay for the clothes.
Concerning the most suitable apparel for bridesmaids and pageboys, the dresses and suits should be classic and formal but comfortable at the same time, and in some detail should recall the bride’s wedding dress.
Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner will create a fairytale Wedding for you to make your dreams come true! .


Witnesses are extremely important figures: they formalize the Wedding by signing the appropriate registers.
Regarding the most suitable apparel for witnesses there are no specific rules. It would be extremely nice to have all witnesses dressed up the same way but, since this would be a really expensive solution, Bon Ton allows the Bride to suggest a leading color for the outfits to which Eye witnesses may get inspired to in the research of their wedding outfit!

Do you need any help in defining the leading color of your wedding? Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is here to help you.

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