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Silvia Belli Wedding Planner & Event Designer

Silvia Belli Italian Destination Wedding Planner is a Turin based agency specialized in Event
Management, Wedding and Party Planing on one hand and in Fashion Design and Styling,
Personal Shopping and Image Consulting on the other hand.
Wedding Planner and Event Designer

Silvia Belli is an Italian Wedding Planner born in Turin. Graduated in Business Administration, Silvia decided to complete her managerial background with a Master in European Business attended at ESCP Europe College. This international path brought her to move in London, where she moved her first steps in the magic world of Luxury Weddings and 5 star events!
Given her strong passion for the Luxury World and Fashion as well, in between her Business studies, Silvia Belli decided to move to Milan, where she attended a 1 Year intensive program at Marangoni Institute and afterwards she passed the admission exams and applied to a Post Graduate Master Course in Fashion Design and Styling through which she began her carrier in a famous Milan’s Top Fashion Brand as PR and Showroom assistant.
This was just the beginning of Silvia’s experience in the field of Luxury; moving back to her home town for a while Silvia gave her contribuite to a marketing project working as freelance marketing consultant for a famous beauty multibrand based in Turin. This experience lead her to apply for an other freelance marketing consulting position, this time for a 5 star Luxury hotel in the center of London.
Once moved back home, to whom family and love keep her strongly attached to, Silvia decided to focus on the event management sector where she managed to mature other experiences in the event management and wedding organization field at high standards, working as Mice and Event Manager Assistant in the 4 star hospitality field first and as Wedding Planner and Event Manager Assistant then.
After several professional courses in the Wedding Planning and Bon Ton field, in 2015 Silvia decided to start her own Event Management agency and this is how Silvia Belli Wedding & Events arises.

Few words about me

Hi! I’m Silvia!

I’m a Wedding Planner and Event Creator and I love my job more than ever!

I struggled through a hard training before reaching my actual skills and now I’m sure to face my job with diligence, professionally, creativity and passion!

I am an extremely precise, organized and punctual person.

Would you like to know something more about me?

Well, I hate the unexpected, among anything else; this is why I make sure to always have a good Plan B, just in case (in order to anticipate and face any incident that may happen on the way).

I am an Aquarius: I tend to be rather introverse and reserved. I need my personal life spaces and, every now and then, I need to take some time just for me to re-charge my energies: I use this time to think, to dream with my eyes wide open, and to travel with my mind!

I like to listen to people’s stories and I’m a good observer of what happens in the world around me. I’m not a 100% optimistic person, however I’m really keen in everything I do and I struggle with all my potential in order to obtain what I’m racing for.

I am a romantic person: I cry watching films, I believe that true love really exists, in life and in our hearts, I believe in dreams and in the harmony of nature. I think that beauty lays in the most simple things and a smile can make an ordinary day more beautiful.

I do not believe in coincidences, I can’t stand disrespectful attitudes, latecomers, people who disappear for a while and than blame it on you, for not calling them before. I cannot stand rainy days, cold weather, vanity and superficial people.

I love seaside, the beach, nature; I love nice weather and summer days, I enjoy spending good times with friends, sushi, ice-cream and, most of all, I love my fantastic job! 


Our mission is to go beyond the expectations of our clients, always going that extra step ahead.
We guarantee high quality standards; we aim to provide an unmatched tailor-made service and establish a completely trustful and engaging relationship with our clients and partners.
We are committed to the idea that costumers expect great value for money: deliver impeccable service, organize amazing events, keeping it as convenient as possible is exactly what we do.

Persuade, with our professional manners and high standard performances, even the most skeptic consumer that relying on an Event Planning specialist, for the organization of your special event, is actually the best solution ever: relying on the qualified help of an Event Manager will make you save money thanks to the engaging and trustful relationships that the agency establishes with partners and suppliers; you are going to save time plus, you will avoid any kind of burdens and tensions; finally, our expert will add to your special event that shimmering glow that will make the difference!


Our commitment is to design an enchanting experience for our clients delivering absolute service excellence, organizing astonishing events and memorable parties. Keeping our quality standards high is our commitment; we never stop striving for perfection.

Our commitment to honesty and fair code of conduct is a promise to our clients.

We rely on the creativity of our skilled and highly qualified team and we always keep up with new and refined ideas providing the most attractive and appealing solutions. We are always seeking for vanguard and fresh suppliers in order to provide our clients with the most forefront technical equipment and up to date services. This is how we guarantee great events!

We strongly believe in the power of engagement: our people share the same ethos, training and temperament, and we collaborate together to design an enchanting experience for our clients that will completely match and reflect their deepest needs and wishes. Creating the perfect event is our objective.

“We listen to your rational needs and then we being to surface your deepest hedonic desires.”
We establish sympathetic relationships with our clients and we go directly to their heart. Our goal is
to make our clients’ inner wishes come true through the creation of a special tailor made
experience arranged on their deepest feelings, needs and wants.

We are passionate about what we do and we put all our effort and heart to do things our way, maintaining our professional manners.

“We don’t just organize events, we make your dreams come true!”
Our Proposal of Uniqueness consists in providing our clients with tailor-made solutions according to their specific needs, desires and wants.
Moreover, Bridal Couture Consultancy and Image Consultancy Service are our most powerful discriminator. The knowledge in this field, the soft and portable skills and the expertise enclosed in our human capital, are the discriminant factors, the “reason to believe” that makes us always go that extra mile ahead and provide something unique and special to our costumer base.